Amy Gray Cunningham

My Story

Growing up, I never felt like I fit in – the proverbially square peg in a round hole. Bullied constantly, I couldn’t understand why the other kids didn’t like me. If only I had the right clothes or hairstyle or said the right things, that square peg would finally fit!

I didn’t believe God existed because if “He” did, why did terrible things happen to me?

Wasn’t I a good girl?

If “He” was so loving, why didn’t “He” love me?

What was so wrong with me?

All questions from a very limited 13-year-old’s perspective.

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My Why

Also, when God handed out the Book of Life, I skipped that class because I didn’t get “It,” whatever “It” was. And if you knew me in high school, it was probably true. Attending school was not high on my priority list.

And, of course, when I would ask a question about scripture, I would inevitably hear, “You should just believe!”

Personally, that answer never satisfied me and left me with even more questions.

Once again, everyone else appeared to get “It,” so there had to be something wrong with me. If only I could just believe!

Eventually, I tried finding God in such things as – sex, drugs, relationships, food, and clothing.

At 18, I found myself addicted to cocaine and staring down a long list of felony fraud charges. I don’t know what happened, but a tiny sliver of faith started to pierce through the thick armor that shielded me from the outside world and the Divine Love Itself.

I began asking God, or whatever was out there, to reveal “Himself.”

For me, that’s when my journey of spiritual transformation began. Looking back, however, I believe it started the moment I first drew breath.

Fast forward thirty-plus years, and I now believe spirituality is a life-long journey. We are all Divine Beings having a unique human experience. Earth is our playground. We choose to incarnate to experience our divinity through our humanity.

On June 5, 2021, my best friend and husband closed his eyes in this world and opened his eyes in the next. He crossed the spiritual plane. Because of witnessing his transformation, I know now that God Is All of Us – not just IN us but IS us!

Everything in life happens for our benefit. If we truly live life from this belief, then anything is possible.

Butterfly Kisses Podcast is about uncovering how and why this happens. It’s about awakening to the knowledge that we – in our humanness – are more than the physical. We are all perfectly perfect!