Everyone Can Communicate With The Spirit World. Ashley Smarowsky Explains How! Episode 28

Ashley Smarowsky
Amy, the host of Butterfly Kisses, is a spiritual seeker who enjoys making a difference in the world. Growing up she always felt different and like she never truly belonged. It wasn’t until she started going inward that she found the love of God IS all of US! Now, as an Akashic Records Practitioner and the host of Butterfly Kisses, she helps others discover the joy of living their divinity through their humanity.

April 3, 2022

We all will eventually experience death – no one can escape it. And Ashley Smarowsky, Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher, believes that we all can communicate with our loved ones who have passed because everyone is Spirit first. But we must be open to this beautiful Spirit connection. Unfortunately, not everyone is that free.

“Why wouldn’t we be able to communicate with people from where we are from?” she tells me in Butterfly Kisses Episode 28. I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but it makes complete sense. 

As Ashley explained it, if we are spirits first, who decided to incarnate as humans, then it’s only reasonable to expect that we should be able to speak with those who are living in the spirit world. 

Ashley described communication with Spirits as assembling a puzzle. She might receive a phrase or a word – sometimes an image or even a knowing. She might not know how she knew it, but her sitter, the person she’s giving the reading to, would confirm the information as accurate.

I asked Ashley how she trusted that what she heard from a Spirit was from Spirit and not something she made up in her head. Her response surprised me. The information she knew was not something she would’ve known on her own it wasn’t her thoughts. She learned through experience how to differentiate between the two, and she said anyone could if we take the time to learn.

Our loved ones want to communicate with us. They will send us signs or put thoughts in our heads to let you know they are there. If a song comes on the radio and you immediately think of them, Ashley said it’s your loved one saying hello from the other side.

She said the easiest way to learn to communicate with them is to stay in the present moment. When we are stuck in the past – wanting what we don’t have any more or consumed with worry over the future, we will easily miss the signs because our minds are distracted. Our loved ones can’t get through.

Since my husband’s passing almost a year ago, I believe in everything Ashley and I discussed in this podcast episode. Chuck is still very much with me and continues to communicate with me. Every morning we have tea together and discuss my upcoming day. Then every night, I feel his energy next to me in bed as I tell him good night.

Just because our Spirit leaves the physical body doesn’t mean we “die.” Life continues. Chuck has told me many times that for him, it was like closing his eyes in this world and opening his eyes to the most beautiful world he can’t even describe.

Even though I still mourn our physical relationship, our love continues. It’s different now, and we are learning to communicate differently. I talk with him, and he talks back. I trust what I hear because he confirms it with physical signs. Yesterday a feather appeared on my desk. It was a sign from Chuck that he was helping me write this blog post.

Life continues. We don’t die. And we can communicate with our loved ones who have crossed. Ashley explains how and gives us tips to strengthen our “antennae” to the other side in this Butterfly Kisses Podcast episode. Tune in to find out how!

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