August 3, 2022

How To Connect To The Other Side

When a skeptical woman’s grandmother shows up to her after she dies, she starts a journey of exploration into the spiritual world to figure out if it’s real or if she’s just grieving.

“My first reaction was sort of I remember jumping backward and trying to grab onto things, thinking, okay, this is not okay, because she was about 70% solid and she was standing there, she turned, and she winked at me and then she just disappeared.”- Isabeau Maxwell

Isabeau Maxwell is a psychic medium and has been teaching people how to connect with the other side for over 14 years. She strongly advocates that everyone can connect with their intuition and spirit guides and that anyone can do it with the right tools and commitment.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • Why do some people have difficulty connecting with loved ones who have passed away
  • What are the benefits of connecting with the other side
  • That everyone has spirit guides and how to work with them

This is Isabeau Maxwell’s story—

I was so excited to have Isabeau on Butterfly Kisses Podcast. We have so much in common; it felt like we were magnetically connected. In this episode, Isabeau tells us a little about her background and how she started talking with people on the other side.

It all started when she was 32 years old, and her grandmother passed away. Her grandmother showed up to her shortly after she passed away, and she was so frightened. She thought she was losing her mind.

After some time, she decided to explore her abilities further and started to learn everything she could about the spiritual world. What she found is that everyone has spirit guides and that everyone can communicate with them.

Connecting with the other side

Connecting to the other side includes psychic information, understanding, and guidance. It isn’t until recently that the concept that you can’t communicate with your ancestors has come into play. That kind of guidance has always been valuable, organic, and natural.

Everyone has spirit guides. Everyone has different guides depending on where they are in life. The most powerful tools for spirit communication are commitment and defocusing. When you focus on the source, you open up all of your senses to interact with your guides. When people talk to their loved ones or guides, and there is a feeling of pushing for information, it’s easier for their imagination to get involved. When people sit and receive and allow a pulling feeling to happen, intuitive information will flow more easily.

Join me for this fascinating interview is Isabeau Maxwell.

Where to find Isabeau—

Website: TheSageMethod

Facebook: SpiritualDevelopmentCoach

Instagram: TheSageMethod

YouTube: TheSpiritualDevelopmentCoach

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