October 24, 2022

Lessons Learned on the Camino

Kathleen Donnelly Isreal shares the philosophies she developed over the years while caring for her husband, who suffered from Parkinson’s disease. She experienced the challenges of being a caretaker but, because of these challenges, has a new perspective. This blog will outline how she used different techniques, such as transformational breathing and ho’oponopono, to achieve enlightenment, healing, and peace.

When Kathleen’s husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, she didn’t hesitate to put her life on hold to take care of him. For eight years, she cared for him full-time until he passed away. During that time, she also did a lot of personal healing. She overcame childhood trauma and studied with many different spiritual leaders. When her husband passed away, she decided to walk the Camino Santiago de Compostella in Spain. It was on this journey that she began sharing her philosophies with others. Since then, she wrote a book about her journey on the Camino-“Wisdom on the Camino: A Spiritual Journey Sharing Forgiveness and Possibilities to Inspire the Rest of Your Life.

Have you been told to just “let it go” but find that you can’t? Are you struggling to find enlightenment, healing, and peace? This episode is for you. You will learn from Kathleen Israel about finding enlightenment, healing, and peace within you. 

Finding enlightenment, healing, and peace within you. 

  1. God gives us free will and wants us to do our will.
  2. The importance of vulnerability in the creative process 
  3. Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian healing technique.

1. God gives us free will and wants us to do our will.

You use your genius to create in the world when you find what brings you joy. By being vulnerable, you realize the endless possibilities in your life. This requires courage to put yourself out there, even if you make mistakes. Remember that you are a spirit in this earthly realm to experience our spiritual essence in human form.

Our free will is a powerful thing and should be respected. With free will comes the ability to make our own choices and to create our destinies. It’s a gift from God, and it’s something that we should use wisely. 

Free will is not to be taken for granted, reminding us always to be mindful of our choices. Every choice we make can impact our lives positively or negatively. We should always strive to make the best choices possible and to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to God.

2. The importance of vulnerability in the creative process 

Vulnerability is the creative space. From this space, you can see the possibilities in your life. To be vulnerable, you have to be open to the possibilities that life has to offer. You can’t be afraid to fail or to make mistakes. You have to be willing to put yourself out there and take risks. 

 When you are vulnerable, you are open to new experiences and ways of looking at things. You are also open to the possibility of being hurt. But, if you can trust that the people in your life will support you and that you will be able to handle whatever comes your way, then being vulnerable can be a very rewarding experience.

By being open to new experiences and ways of looking at things, we can tap into our creativity and develop new and innovative ideas. creativity. However, it is also important to have the support of others which is why it is important to build strong relationships with the people in our lives. We need to know that we can rely on them to be there when we need them. So, if you want to be more creative, start by being more vulnerable. Put yourself out there and take some risks. You may be surprised at what you are capable of.

3. Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian healing technique.

Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. 

“I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You” 

This healing technique taught Kathleen that forgiving ourselves and others is important. This is because forgiveness is the key to healing. When we forgive ourselves, we can let go of the past and move forward into the present. 

She also realized that gratitude was the path to love and forgiveness, allowing her to create a bright future for herself. Gratitude is a form of love, and love is the most powerful force in the universe. When we are grateful, we are tapping into that power, and we can use it to create miracles in our lives. 

Kathleen Donnally Isreal has faced many challenges, but she has used them as opportunities to grow. She developed her philosophies and shared them with others on her journey through the Camino. 

Her story is an inspiration to us all. We can all achieve the same level of enlightenment, healing, and peace that she has if we are willing to be vulnerable and put ourselves out there.

I’d love to hear about you and your experience with getting enlightenment, healing, and peace. Leave me a comment on how it went for you, or drop me any questions you want Kathleen or me to answer!

Where to find Kathleen—

Website: Wisdomonthecamino.com

Facebook:  @kathleen.d.isreal

Instagram: @artstrans4mu 

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