August 17, 2022

Overcoming the Dark Night of the Soul

A woman with undiagnosed chronic Lyme disease experiences a “Dark Night of the Soul.” Zofia Rennea Morales talks with Amy about how she was brought to death and left bankrupt in all areas of her life.  Zofia Rennea Morales makes a heartfelt prayer to God for help because she’s willing to do anything for a miracle. What happened next completely changed her life forever!

This is Zofia’s story—

Zofia Rennea Morales had Lyme disease for 30 years before being correctly diagnosed. She was finally diagnosed in her mid-40s; by that time, Lyme disease had affected her entire body and life. Her doctor told her that the only way to cure Lyme disease was through a two-year plan of exotic IV antibiotics, which she could not afford. She made a heartfelt prayer to God for help because she’s willing to do anything for a miracle. This single prayer triggered an unanticipated kundalini awakening, a spiritual activation that unlocked Zofia’s gifts as an intuitive healer and mystic changing her life completely. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  1. How one woman’s desperate plea unlocked spiritual gifts that changed her life forever!
  2. How to overcome dark life situations and make miracles happen.
  3. How to find your life’s purpose within your most painful life transition.

Where to find Zofia—


Facebook: TransformationSpace 

Instagram: @ZofiaRennea 

Twitter: ZofiaRennea 

LinkedIn: ZofiaRenneaMorales

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Amy, the host of Butterfly Kisses, is a spiritual seeker who enjoys making a difference in the world. Growing up she always felt different and like she never truly belonged. It wasn’t until she started going inward that she found the love of God IS all of US! Now, as an Akashic Records Practitioner and the host of Butterfly Kisses, she helps others discover the joy of living their divinity through their humanity.

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