Wisdom Beyond What You Know

Wisdom Beyond What You Know with Ulrika Sullivan
Amy, the host of Butterfly Kisses, is a spiritual seeker who enjoys making a difference in the world. Growing up she always felt different and like she never truly belonged. It wasn’t until she started going inward that she found the love of God IS all of US! Now, as an Akashic Records Practitioner and the host of Butterfly Kisses, she helps others discover the joy of living their divinity through their humanity.

May 29, 2022

What do you do when you have a great marriage, kids, and a successful career, and then suddenly life throws you a curveball? Do you become resentful? Angry? Do you choose to see it as an opportunity to transform your life into something better than before? Well, that’s what this week’s guest on Butterfly Kisses Podcast has chosen to do.

Ulrika Sullivan had a charmed life as a successful scientist with a rewarding career. She had a handsome husband with beautiful children. From the outside looking in, her life was perfect. However, it was anything but perfect!

Since she wasn’t doing anything to make changes in her life, the universe orchestrated a shift for her that led her to hit rock bottom. She lost her job! A 20-year career that she had wrapped her identity and soul around.

But she knew there had to be more to this than what she was experiencing. She chose to look at the devastation in her life as an opportunity for transformation. It became a gateway to reconnect with her body and soul. She decided to tap into her heart center and listen to her inner knowing instead of her logical mind. This decision meant not going back into the corporate world but taking time for herself and rediscovering who Ulrika was and what she truly wanted.

Through her journey, she learned heart-based intuition and wrote her first book—Wisdom Beyond What You Know! It brings all aspects of healing together in one place. Her goal is to help the reader awaken to their true self and guide them to let go of the person they have been for everyone else and to start showing up for themselves. She writes about her personal experiences and offers exercises that create an experience for the reader—not just a book with a how-to guide but practical exercises to lead you to real-life transformations.

During this podcast, Ulrika and I discuss the seven inner shifts that we go through from logical mind living to the heart-centered living. I won’t give them all away here, but the first significant shift is to get out of your comfort zone and step into the willingness to learn something new. For her, the loss of her job created the desire to do something new. It started her on a journey to her soul’s evolution.

What is your catalyst for change? What is it that you desire for your life? My husband crossing into the afterlife started me on an even deeper journey of releasing and letting go and genuinely going within to find my inner knowing. I tell you that you don’t have to wait for the universe to orchestrate it. Take the step now. Listen to the podcast and then go to the Facebook page and join in discussing heart-centered living. Ulrika and I would love to hear your opinion and answer any questions you may have about it.


Where to Find More About Ulrika Sullivan:

Website: UlrikaSullivan.com

Facebook: UlrikaSullivanCoach

Instragram: UlrikaSullivan

Her Book: Wisdom Beyond What You Know


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